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When Bill Heritage’s father was about to retire, he jumped at the chance to buy the William Heritage Winery. At the time, Bill was growing apples and peaches. But in 1999, he planted his first grape vines. The winery has been yielding exceptional quality wine ever since.

“In 2001, we actually harvested enough grapes to make 500 bottles of Chardonnay. That one acre did 500 bottles, so today I would think that it would do 1000 to 2000 [bottles],” Bill Heritage explains.

William Heritage Winery has received stellar ratings from multiple wine publication for their wine and innovative ideas. Not only does the winery produce bottled wine, but they are the first winery in New Jersey to produce wine in a can.

For William Heritage Winery, wine production is more than just a business; it’s a passion. “I love the idea of capturing a moment in a place, in a growing season, and getting that distilled down into a bottle. I think that’s the most beautiful part about wine,” says winemaker Kevin Bednar.

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