Heads up Philly! Jacksonville, FL native Jimmy Marlow has officially made his debut on PHL17 Morning News! Before he even got to sit at the desk it was my pleasure to take him to a few spots in his new city. Spoiler Alert, he loved Philly and Philly loved him right back.

We went to Citizens Bank to get him some new Phillies gear, at the time we were SURE we’d be sporting it at the World Series, but instead we will have to wear it next year. As soon as we walked into the Majestic Store, Jimmy had 50 new best friends, myself included. He’s a magnet for conversation, loves his sports and truly talking to people and telling their stories on the news.

My favorite part about the newest member of our PHL17 Morning News team, Jimmy is a great story teller. And not just in person, he’s got production skills as a photog and editor and knows how to present news in every visual medium. Please check out Jimmy Marlow Monday-Friday 5a-9a on PHL17 news. And stay tuned for our next adventure. Next time I am taking him to the Linc to get our Super Bowl Gear…

Welcome to the squad…

By: Tony Romeo / Weekend Philler Producer/Host
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