Hey Phillerinos! We’re back with Episode 804. Come with us to see some familiar faces this weekend! First, we grabbed a cool drink from our good friends at Philadelphia Brewing Company. Next got a trim with Brigandi’s Barbering Company. Then, we headed downtown to visit Martin’s Quality Meats & Sausage at the Reading Terminal Market. We then continued the glizzy festivities with the Oscar Meyer Wienermobile for a nice hotdog. Next, ‘Steve the Legacy’ introduced us to his publication, Black Innovation Magazine. And lastly, Neil Jacobs shows us how sharpen just about anything.

Here are the segments:

Philadelphia Brewing Company

Specialty short haircuts with Brigandi’s Barbering Company

Corner the Market: Martin’s Quality Meats & Sausage

Oscar Meyer Wienermobile

‘Steve The Legacy’ creates Black Innovation Magazine

Neil’s Sharpening Service

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By: Tony Romeo / Weekend Philler Producer/Host
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