Hey Everybody! Welcome to this week’s Weekend Philler! Weekend Philler as you know is a show about people just like you all over the Delaware Valley, eating cool things, drinking cool things, feats of strength, inspirational tales… it’s all here on Weekend Philler on any given weekend! And our recipe is always simple, we give you our mic– you give us your stories.

First up, we said “Bonjour” to some of the finest French Cuisine in the area! Matines Café is an authentic French café located in the vibrant Chestnut Hill neighborhood.

Next up, we went to Medford, a town that has become a home away from home for me to visit Mystical Blossoms Apothecary for the soul. They got you covered no matter what condition your condition is in, including their store behind the store called “The Cottage” for “self care down there.” The cottage is an intimate space dedicated to feminine wellness and empowerment– for the grown ups. (18plus).

Next, we headed to Voorhees, NJ for the grand opening of El Mariachi Mexican Cuisine! Family owned and operated with the perfect mix of modern and traditional faves.

We also paid a visit to my friend Jordan at Grant Ave, Rita’s! Think all Rita’s are the same, think again. Jordan makes me laugh every time we visit and Mary is my favorite “Senior Scooper” in all the land. I won’t tell you how old Mary is, but she’s a lot of fun and if you stop in, I am sure she will tell you.

And finally, to celebrate the demolition of the studio that I’ve known since 2008 and “philled the philler” since 2016– we went into the Philler Vault for a spot from Season 2– Kids Day at Wizard World. Our producers chose this one, without knowing how much it means to me as it has some really special kids that I know and love.

So as always, thanks for letting us fill a little of your weekend. We hope you enjoyed watching the Philler as much as we enjoy making the Philler. We love making this show for and about you, each and every week.

I’m Tony Romeo, and until next week, I will see you on the Interwebs…

Here are the segments:

A taste of Parisian culture awaits you in Chestnut

Visit the ‘good witches’ of Medford, NJ at Mystical Blossoms

El Mariachi San Lucas is Voorhees, NJ newest authentic Mexican restaurant

Behind The Ice: Rita’s all new frozen lemonades

By: Tony Romeo / Weekend Philler Producer/Host
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