Hey Everybody! Episode 620 features segments from The Camden Community Soccer Pitch with Subaru of America and The Philadelphia Union as they teach the younger generation the fundamentals of the sport. PXV Art Mag and its impact on the growing art community in town of Phoenixville. Dope Shows – a concert promotional agency specializing in unique Hip Hop experiences. Commonwealth Charter Academy – an online school that allows parents the ability to completely customize their child’s education. Lastly, Out of the Blue Corner features local MMA fighter and domestic abuse survivor, Jamie Colleen.

Here are the segments:

Subaru and The Philadelphia Union lead soccer clinics at Subaru’s Camden Community Soccer Pitch

Phoenixville Art Magazine gives a voice to local artists

PXV Art Mag Extra – get to know the Artists of Phoenixville

Dope Shows – hip hop concert agency gives back to their community

Commonwealth Charter Academy – a new generation of ‘learners’

Out of The Blue Corner: local MMA fighter Jamie Colleen advocates for domestic abuse survivors

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