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Hey everybody! We are continuing to celebrate Pride Month on Philler with our 2022 PRIDE episode! Our second annual pride episode includes segments from Kathedral – a reconstructed church, turned performance venue. Drag by Ms. Sarah – a special momma with a love of Drag culture. Beyond The Bell Tours – a deep dive into Philadelphia’s LGBTQ history dating back to the 1800s! South Street Art Mart – an eclectic retail space featuring art from over 100+ local artists. And TransWork – which provide business opportunities and professional resources to the LGBTQIA+ community.

Here are the segments:

Kathedral Event Center – church turned event venue

Drag by Ms. Sarah

Beyond The Bell Tours explores the history behind Philadelphia’s marginalized communities

South Street Art Mart: a safe space for all – no matter how they identify

TransWork tackles discrimination with economic opportunities for transgender and non-binary folks

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