A Vietnam Veteran, Rick Amsterdam, details his journey home from war while the country was in the midst of turmoil. As he was waiting to board a train, he noticed a group of protesters approaching him. He describes the situation by saying “one of the guys looked at me, looked at my uniform, called me a baby killer, spit on me, and we got into an immediate fist fight”.

After the altercation, Amsterdam proceeded to walk about a mile to his home where he was greeted with a large “Welcome Home Ricky” banner hanging from his house.

“I knew right away that my mother and sister hand made that” he recalls.

The banner meant the world to Ricky because he knew his family was risking their safety in order to welcome him home.

Over 53 years later, he took the banner out of his closet, and brought it to the NJ Vietnam Veterans’ Memorial and Museum where it sits on display in the “There and Back: The Journey to Vietnam and Home” exhibit.