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Raymond Charles, better known as “Stay Metal Ray,” became a famous YouTuber by accident. While on a one month leave from work, Ray needed to find something to do to pass the time. He found a strong appreciation for recording himself ‘jammin’ on his guitar and covering other bands’ music to put out to the guitar community.

“The origin I guess of my channel was to document all of my guitar covers of my favorite bands just for my personal good… over time it just grew and grew” said Ray.

He explained that he loves being a YouTuber because he can put out all of his clips while getting to meet new people who appreciate the same music. Ray’s leave from work was the result of a shoulder injury he sustained while working for the U.S. Army… that’s right, the military! Ray laughed at the irony in his career field shifts, explaining how it was a little weird at first switching from the military to being a YouTuber, but he loves and appreciates every connection he’s made from putting his covers on the web. 

Stay Metal Ray can be found on YouTube and all other social media platforms at @StayMetalRay.