Tanya “Trinity” Holland found a light in the darkness in her early teens through writing poetry. Growing up struggling with mental health issues and living in a dysfunctional family, Trinity discovered poetry as a healthy outlet to share her thoughts and soul with the world, while addressing her personal adversities. Trinity found poetry to work as a tool to communicate and share emotions with others who may have similar experiences to herself. 

“Poetry was an outlet for me, and I hope that this inspires somebody to use poetry and writing as an outlet for any mental health issue–or any issue. Sometimes writing it out is therapy,” Trinity explained.

Trinity has also used her platform as a poet to share her thoughts and help promote change on current injustices in the world; including the overturning of Roe v. Wade, and growing issues of gun violence in America. Trinity addresses many modern societal issues in her book Love, Lessons, and Resilience: Poetry from the Soul.

For more information on Trinity’s inspiration for her book and how to purchase it, search online using the book’s title or author “Tanya ‘Trinity’ Holland.”