Tri-State GMC dealers donated $12,500 to the Police Athletic League of Philadelphia to help fund ‘Operation Clean Water’, an initiative focused on providing adequate drinking water to the boys and girls involved in the after school programs PAL offers throughout the city of Philadelphia.

“Because of Covid, we could not use our water fountains,” executive director of the Police Athletic League of Philadelphia, April Thomas-Jones explains. As a result of not using the water fountains, rust had set into the pipes deeming the water unsuitable for consumption. “Now because of this generous, generous donation of $12,500, we will be able to put in filtrated water systems in each of our PAL centers,” Jones continues.

President of the Faulkner Automotive Group, Pat Duffy commented on Tri-State GMC’s decision to partner with PAL saying, “The GMC Tri-State dealers, really wanted to get together with a local partner and see how we could really make impacts in our local communities.” He goes on to praise the organization for the amount of work they do for Philadelphia’s youth through their “cops helping kids” programs.

The Police Athletic League of Philadelphia is an organization that prioritizes the physical and mental development of the children in the Philadelphia community. They offer athletic, educational, and cultural after school and summer programs designed to help foster positive relationships between Philadelphia’s youth and Police Officers.

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