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While there are services available to the transgender community in regards to transition and healthcare, one of the main things standing in the way of transgender and nonbinary folks living independent lives is the need to be gainfully employed. Unfortunately, transgender and nonbinary folks are often subject to harsh discrimination in the workplace that is directly related to their gender identity.

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TransWork was created to fill that need. This program is a branch of Philadelphia’s Independent Business Alliance and works with trans-affirming workplaces to get individuals employed.

The TransWork mission is simple: fight back against discrimination with economic opportunity. They aim to provide employment and entrepreneurship opportunities for transgender and gender non-binary folks; help with resume preparation, interview skills, and job readiness; and level the playing field by training employers and workforce development professionals to provide safe, effective, and culturally competent environments.

TransWork is the first program of its kind that is run through a chamber of commerce in the country. This program is laying the groundwork for countless others to be developed in the future.

You can connect with TransWork via Facebook, Instagram, or on their website.

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