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At Thunderbird Salvage, you won’t only stumble upon antique items. In fact, you might find a tunnel or two. In this extra, we were able to get a closer look at the Thunderbird Salvage basement and delve into the hidden nooks and crannies lying beneath the store’s surface. “If you wanna get spiritual, this place is haunted,” George admits.

Other than the creepy tunnels, Thunderbird Salvage cats Rey Rey and Vader can often sense things that the staff and customers cannot. “These cats are highly sensitive and highly aware,” George claims. “Once in a while, they’re looking at something and I’m trying to figure it out. And I can’t see it.”

George isn’t afraid, though. In fact, he embraces the ‘haunted’ space he’s in. “I appreciate it, actually, that there’s another world out there that we can’t see,” he says. He’s comfortable in his space, and we appreciate him for inviting us in.