Camden, New Jersey is home to one of the most popular inline roller skating rinks in the Delaware Valley; Millennium Skate World. Located two minutes from the Benjamin Franklin Bridge, Millennium serves as a space for family and friends to hang out and “come and get their roll on.”

Managing Partner Tracy Medley, often referred to as Ms. Tracy by staff and skaters, helped open the rink at the start of the new “millennium” on December 14th, 2000. “There hadn’t been a skating rink in Camden in 10 years prior to us opening and this was just open land that was built for being a roller skating rink,” Tracy says. Since then, Millennium Skate World has been a staple in the community for over 20 years.

During the summer, Millennium is open seven days a week. The weekly schedule consists of day camps, skating lessons, and public skating. The most anticipated part of the week, however, is Wednesday night. From 9pm-2am, Millennium Skate World hosts ‘Adult Night,’ in which adult skaters of all skill types are encouraged to their way to the rink for a night of ambient lights, vibrant music, and roller skating — of course.

Apart from theme nights, Millennium Skate World hosts a STEM program created by United Skates of America that ties the aspects of skating with education. During the school year, they offer 12 different lessons that schools can choose from. These lessons teach children anything from sound and lighting to health and fitness. “[The kids] come in with an educator. She teaches a lesson, about 45 minutes. And then they skate, have lunch with us, and have fun… They’ll be able to enjoy the opportunity to learn outside of the classroom,” Tracy explains.

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