Jessica DeLuise, also known as “The Wellness Kitchenista” is a Physician Assistant, and a Certified Culinary Medicine Specialist dedicated helping others learn how to incorporate healthier foods into their diets.

Jessica not only shares recipes, and kitchen hacks on social media, she also appears on local television news, and even has her own cooking show titled “Eat Your Way to Wellness” which now streams for free on Tubi TV. ‘Eat Your Way to Wellness’ was both written and hosted by Jessica, and each episode of this show is focused on how food can be used as medicine for a different health diagnoses.

One example of food being used as medicine is probiotics. Probiotics are foods and topical products used to support healthy bacterial growth throughout our microbiome. In this segment, Jessica demonstrates how to include probiotics and prebiotics into our diet through yummy and simple foods like cucumbers, apple cider vinegar, fermented pickles, and more.

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The information shared and presented by The Wellness Kitchenista is not medical advice. Any changes to your dietary, supplement, nutritional intake should be undertaken only after you consult with your health care provider.