The Weird Unorthodox Taxidermy of Dr Seuss

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We all know Dr Seuss for his children’s books, but the “Secret Art of Dr Seuss” examines his fine art.  The painting and sculptures are darker with more adult themes and include 17 sculptures made with spare animal parts given to Seuss by his zookeeper father.  Although the art isn’t for children like his books, the art is still unmistakably Seuss.

Weekend Philler caught up with some of this art when it appeared at Ocean Galleries in Stone Harbor, NJ.  Owner Kim Miller was kind enough to give us some background about the wild and wacky sculptures.  No Lorax, Sneetches, Thing1, 2s or Andulvian Gracklers were harmed in the making of this spot.



By: Tony Romeo / Weekend Philler Producer/Host
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