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The Speakeasy at Al Capone’s Cell is an entertaining, not scary, attraction included as a VIP experience at Eastern State Penitentiary’s Halloween Nights. Step into the actual cell block where Al Capone spent some time, and instantly become transported to 1929. The speakeasy masquerades as a flower shop from the outside, but once inside visitors are greeted with cocktails and lost souls from the 1920’s.

This interactive VIP experience includes access to private cocktail lounges inside the prison cells and live lounge singers. If that isn’t enough, the entire experience is like one big improv show! The actors stroll the cell block and tell the tale of their stay at Eastern State while interacting with visitors! From magic tricks performed by the dead to blackjack with dealers from the beyond, this attraction is sure to keep you entertained.

The Speakeasy at Al Capone’s Cell is a fantastic alternative for those who prefer not to be scared, but still enjoy spooky activities. This attraction is a part of Eastern State Penitentiary’s Halloween Nights and will continue select nights through November 13th (2021). Get tickets and more information here.

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