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The Puddin’ Palace was every bit as sweet as I thought it would be from the title. Miranda, LaGracia and their family have created a heaping scoop of heaven in a really fun section of Oaklyn, NJ. Over 30 flavors to date, (some come and go), theme puddings, and great pairings. The pairings are the key at the Puddin’ Palace. With layers like brownies, cake, cereal, etc. the pudding creates a mix that is perfect in flavor and very satisfying as a texture as well. Literally, it’s like a party in your mouth– and everyone is invited!

Miranda and LaGracia are quick to thank their followers, especially those on Instagram that helped them get off to a quick start. (IG link). They are also thankful to the black community and fellow black businesses that work supportive from jump.

“One of the things that went viral was ‘support black business.’ It was just a blessing that people would drive from say, NY, the Carolinas, because they saw us on a support black business page,” said LaGracia Givings.

The store is also getting great support from the local community in Oaklyn, NJ.

Said Lagracia Givings, “This is a very diverse community and we are one of the first black businesses on this strip, and I just feel at home.”

I knew the pudding was going to be delicious from the following the shop has on IG and the top-notch branding job Miranda does on social (Miranda and I talked at length about social and she’s got a sense for imagery and messaging that can’t be taught– in my years in media, I’ve tried, but Miranda was a natural). What surprised me was the amount of foot traffic the store got the afternoon we filmed. People eat pudding… All. Day. Long.

Since we have filmed our story, the Puddin’ Palace has increased delivery options so please check out their web and social.

By: Tony Romeo / Weekend Philler Producer/Host
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