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The Painted Mug Café is a performance venue located in South Philadelphia created by a group of Queer artists for the LGBTQIA+ community. The space is specifically designed for the Queer community and aims to decenter drugs and alcohol, which is a rare combination to find in the city.

“A lot of Queer spaces in Philly are hosted in clubs and bars, which is great, we love that; it’s a lot of fun, but it does mean that it’s sometimes hard for Queer people [who don’t drink] to socialize with other Queer people, and in places that feel Queer safe” board member and concessions manager, Linden Curhart explains.

The Painted Mug Café provides a space for Queer artists to express themselves and showcase their talents in a safe and supportive atmosphere.

“I think its important to have a space that showcases that we are a very multifaceted and multitalented group of people” Linden continues.

The Painted Mug Café hosts a variety of different programs and events including their Sober Karaoke which takes place every Tuesday at 7pm. In addition, the space is also available for private parties and event rentals, find out more at