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The Honesty Collection at Cultured Couture Gallery is like nothing that I’ve ever seen before.

Honestly, I wasn’t sure exactly what to expect when I reached out to Erik Honesty regarding his collection. I discovered him via an article about his former vintage store in Germantown, but now he has been investing his time into creating and displaying his collection in Doylestown, PA.

The gallery is being housed in a former furniture store, and the space is extremely unique. Honesty brought us in through the back and there was more and more behind every corner. His collection is very vast – including custom pieces that he designed out of vintage materials, furniture, art, books…even a vintage Rolls Royce in working condition. It’s a combination of items that Honesty created himself and items that he found at flea markets, estate sales, or just as a happy accident.

The amount of care and precision that Honesty put into displaying his collection shows through. He approached it as a museum curator might – surrounding his custom pieces with items that inspired him to create them, and just putting things that he wants to see where he wanted to see them. He admitted that the only unfortunate part of someone purchasing one of his pieces is that it messes up the layout that he so meticulously created.

Honesty fell in love with fashion while visiting Paris with his mother several years ago. When he returned, he instantly started creating – but fashion design was a journey that he wasn’t ready to fully commit to just yet. In the meantime, he opened Cultured Couture Vintage, a vintage shop where he curated amazing pieces that inspired the pieces that he was creating. Many of his favorite vintage finds can still be found in the gallery.

At the time of publication, Cultured Couture Gallery isn’t yet open to the public. But you can check out to learn more about the Honesty Collection and about the gallery’s opening.

By: Holly Huepfel
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