You can now live out all of your childhood fantasies of witchcraft and wizardry at Philly’s new magical bar and restaurant, The Cauldron located at 13th and Locust St. in the heart of the Gayborhood. This mystical experience brings magic to life through a combination of science, technology, and design.

Co-Owners Matthew Courtland and David Duckworth began the business as a Kickstarter campaign, and opened their first location in London, England in 2018. The Philadelphia restaurant is The Cauldron’s sixth location worldwide, and only the second in the United States following the NYC store.

Upon arrival, guests are given wizard robes and working magic wands that operate via embedded technology throughout the venue. “Your magic wand does everything from opening a locked cabinet that contains hidden ingredients, to turning on lights, to pouring drinks” Cortland explained.

Guests can make their own potions by following a set of instructions and utilizing an array of vials and magic spells; or they can order a magical drink made by the trained “potion-masters” behind the bar. The Cauldron’s mission is to create a fun and inclusive experience for people who enjoy fantasy and want to see magic come to life.

For more information about The Cauldron and to learn how to sharpen your own wizardry skills, visit their website at