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Ever wonder what the creepy crawlies at Terror Behind the Walls at Eastern State Penitentiary do when they are not haunting?  Me too!  That’s why this spot was so, so fun to make.  Weekend Philler got to go up close and personal with the before and after make up process and see what these talented actors do when they are not haunting.

I took extra special care to start with great shots. For those that love photography, Eastern State is a wonderful place to shoot.  The muted grays of the ageing prison really help with a thing our cameras do called “metering.”  But I am off topic! (Go take pics, thank me later).

From there we took a little extra special care and feeding when it came to the edit.  Some loops, special effects, filters and sound design.  But the real stars were the great actors. Michael Mazzio, Will Rodriguez, Justin Sapp-Morton, Luis Santiago and Jenny Tomcszak— you guys rocked.  It’s probably really tough to get your character to that level I needed outside the context of the attraction, in front of a camera– but you all brought such intensity. The result is a Weekend Philler piece I am really proud of.  I don’t know how to top this next hear, but we will try.  Thanks also to the great staff at Eastern State Penitentiary, Nicole Fox, Ellen Feist– you guys are always such a help to PHL17 and all our great ideas start with you.

By: Tony Romeo / PHL17
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