Suplex Vintage Wrestling is a wrestling memorabilia store located on Philadelphia’s South Street. They offer a large selection of vintage graphic wrestling T-shirts, wrestling memorabilia, and replica title belts.

Suplex Vintage Wrestling manager Woody Kumetat shared that they not only wanted to sell classic wrestling items, but they also “want to sell an experience.” During major pay-per-view wrestling events, wrestling fans can even attend watch parties in-store. Some days, fans can even catch their favorite old-school wrestler at at the store.

Besides selling wrestling gear, Suplex Vintage also has a hangout area in the back of the store called Hardcore Lounge. The lounge is adorned with TVs that play wrestling matches on VHS tapes. There are also wrestling games on arcade machines and classic wrestling video games on vintage gaming consoles such as GameCube, Nintendo 64, and Sega Genesis.

“We try to offer a space where people can just get together and love wrestling together,” Woody says.

For many employees, engaging in discussion with customers about wrestling is the highlight of their work day. SVW employee Al Gutierrez explained that he loves “seeing everybody at every single age come through those doors and immediately turn into a child.” Woody adds, “You see it in their eyes. They see something and it just sparks a memory.”

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