This day in Camden was not one I’ll soon forget. And not just because of the great friends I made while I was there. For years I’ve known Subaru as not just a great national company, but one headquartered in Camden, NJ. As one that grew up in Camden, County NJ businesses that make their homes local mean the world to impoverished communities. The Union mean the same to their Chester, PA community, another that has struggled over the years to revitalize.

So I knew when the two got together in Camden, NJ to dedicate a pitch to the local community it would be special and it was. (For you non soccer types a PITCH is a soccer field.) And on this day the Union and Subaru dedicated some space, 500 soccer balls, hats, shin guards etc. in the hopes of revitalizing an area, but also in the hopes that the next generation from the area will take to soccer like the other sports that have thrived there for years.

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I was also moved by the Camden Mayor’s heartfelt words about what this means to communities when businesses give back. As an aside I remember Mayor Victor Carstarphen as a top notch basketball player at Camden High… so when he joked about seeing a soccer ball and wanting to go strong to the hoop, I laughed and got the joke. His hope, the hope of the Union, Subaru and the community that gathered is that the next generation of great athletes may want to give soccer a try as well.

By: Tony Romeo / Weekend Philler Producer/Host
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