Do you ever find yourself wanting a natural, light, and clean lunch? Well you need to run – not walk— to one of Crumb’s locations. They are located in Haddonfield, Bordentown, and Medford, New Jersey. Crumb is a café that puts energy mindfulness at the forefront. “We try to minimize as much of our carbon footprint as possible,” Crumb co-owner and chef Walter Gouldsbury says.

All of their sandwiches are put on their house-made focaccia bread. In fact, that’s how the name for the sandwich joint came about. “The name ‘crumb’ comes from the crumb structure in the [focaccia] bread,” Walter explains, “It’s all those pockets of air and holes that you’ll see in the bread.” The name is pretty clever, but the food is even better!

Every single item at Crumb is natural, organic, or made in-house. For example, their salads greens are locally and organically grown and sourced, their chicken and prime brisket are all-natural, and their focaccia bread and salad dressings are made in-house.  “Everything’s made in house. If we don’t make it, we don’t sell it” Gouldsbury continues. And on top of the food being clean, their cutlery, cups, and packaging are all compostable.

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