If you grew up in South Jersey in the 1980s at some point you probably saw random pop-ups selling roadside treasures. Not the least of which was velvet paintings. (Not to be confused with the velvet posters that we could buy at places like “Spencer.”) These paintings are legit artform that have a rich history and a special place for people that love weird and wacky collectibles.

Weird and wacky is near and dear to my friends at Carnival of Collectibles, Sicklerville, NJ, so I was not shocked when by buddy Ed, proprietor of the shop shared the amazing collection he recently acquired. At over 1000 paintings, he let me know that only one other collection is bigger. (That one lives on the West Coast at at place called the Velvetarium.)

The great part of this collection is, you can get your hands on one! Check out their website for details. They are planning a really special kick-off that you don’t want to miss.

By: Tony Romeo / Weekend Philler Producer/Host
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