Smithville has been one of my favorite places to visit in NJ since I was a kid. My Grammy and Grampy took me at all different times of the year and there’s literally never a bad time to go and I have been going ever since. Working in Pennsylvania all these years I was always surprised how many people, especially people west of the city weren’t familiar with our little South Jersey gem. Which made it a perfect topic for a Weekend Philler!

Luckily I was able to get two great speakers to tell the tale of the village Tony Copploa and Tracy Walsh. Both are key owners in the village and huge cheerleaders for everything the historic village has to offer.  Tony serves as the mayor of Galloway Twp and he is no stranger to being featured in the media.  He once famously ran down a suspect in a petty theft and he owns the Smithville in.  Tracy owns the Colonial Inn and just walking through the village with her, it’s apparent how much she loves it and the regulars love her back. 

As a kid traveling to Smithville was a 45 minute car ride into the “Pine Barrens” as they are called in NJ. It’s stomping ground for the “Jersey Devil” of folklore and the village was a great mix of locally focused gift shops with tons of treats like ice cream, candy, baked goods. Etc. I went for the giant jawbreaker candy at the general store alone.

As an adult the experience offers tons more shops, free parking, the ability to stay in top notch rooms and great, great restaurants.  And hey, if the Jersey Devil is still kicking, Smithville is still right where the legend was born.

For my Pennsylvania friends, Galloway Twp is right on the way to all the Jersey shore towns, you’ve probably driven by many times and I promise you, it’s worth a stop. Especially on those days the shore is rainy, over-crowded, or you just want a change of pace. Parking is always free.

Thanks to my great friends Racheal and Korey for letting me use some of their wedding pictures in the spot. Their wedding was a beautiful day and Smithville has become a huge destination for weddings.

This ideal weekend road trip awaits you just minutes from the Jersey Shore. If you’re looking for something different to do with the family in the upcoming months, Smithville, NJ has something for everyone. A quaint village full of shops, restaurants, events, paddle boarding, Smithville is a diverse destination that is sure to keep the whole family happy.

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By: Tony Romeo / Weekend Philler Producer/Host
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