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Severino Pasta Company has been making delicious homemade pasta products since Joseph and Anna Maria Severino opened their shop almost 50 years ago in Westmont, NJ.

Joseph and Anna Maria moved to Westmont, NJ from Italy in the 1970s. And now their children, Carla, Louis, and Peter run the shop – and are welcoming help from the third generation of Severinos. They are even using techniques brought over from Italy, including original pasta machines from when the shop opened.

Not only can you buy fresh, homemade pasta at Severino, you can also find olives, meats, cheeses, artisanal breads, prepared meals, and imported specialty items at their storefront on Haddon Ave. If you can’t make it to Westmont, you can also find Severino pasta at Whole Food Markets across the country.

“Shopping at Severino’s isn’t just shopping for pasta products or specialty items, it’s an experience. And that’s what we try to do here.” – Carla Severino

For more information or to be a part of their community events, visit Severino Pasta’s website.