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SAW The Musical – The Unauthorized Parody of SAW is a humorous twist on the otherwise dark movie. Producer, Cooper Jordan, teamed with his sister Zoe Jordan, and director Stephanie Rosenberg to bring the show to Philadelphia’s Adrienne Theatre for a two week run in October of 2022.

“I’m very excited to be the director of this show, [and] I’m really blessed to have such an amazing ensemble to really support this process” Rosenberg tells us.

The entire cast is made up of only 3 actors, however these talented few take on “a whole movies worth of characters” Rosenberg explains. She continues by saying that her collaborative efforts with the cast have made her directing experience extremely enjoyable.

“We have so much fun in the room, [we] barely realize we’re working at all” she continues.

“Together they created a great musical” producer Cooper Jordan says. Jordan’s resume is full of experience producing musical parodies including Dexter the Musical and others. He assures that SAW The Musical is not scary, it will however elicit many other emotions from the audience.

“You will laugh, you will cry, you’ll go ‘”awww; you’ll have all the emotions you want to have on a fun date night out” Rosenberg says.

To learn more about SAW The Musical – The Unauthorized Parody of SAW, visit their Instagram page.