Red White & Brew opened its door in 2016 in Audubon, New Jersey. Originally built in 1923 and formerly known as Audubon National Bank, Red White & Brew pays homage to the United States Revolution era. Some of their brews are named after historical people and events. Paul’s Midnight Ride is a dark coffee roasted porter beer named after Paul Revere’s ride Lexington, Massachusetts to warn of the British’s arrival. Give Me Liberty is a light floral Kolsch beer named after Patrick Henry’s famous speech to the Second Virginia Convention. Red White & Brew also has a few menu items that rotate year round.

I’ve had so many great times at this brewery I can’t even count. Audubon is a great town surrounded by some great food like Lesbie Veggie and BurgerTime that always pair well with something on tap. The taplist is always filled with varied styles and abvs as well.

By: Tony Romeo / Weekend Philler Producer/Host
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