Princeton Record Exchange or ‘PREX’ is one of the top-rated record stores in the country, and it’s located in Princeton, NJ! They have been trading records and movies since 1980, and their inventory just continues to grow.

PREX was originally located a few blocks from where it is today. They quickly outgrew that space and today the store sits at about 4,800 square feet, carrying over 100,000 titles.

“Creating a little microcosm in which everyone is appreciating the art of music… it’s a real feeling of camaraderie and family almost. It’s just fun to come to work everyday” owner Jon Lambert tells us.

Jon goes on to say that he tries really hard to make PREX a pleasant place to be. Courtesy, respect, and a shared passion for music are at the forefront of the policies he strives to implement everyday. Jon seems to have achieved his goal of making PREX a pleasant place to be, given the years of success the store has seen.

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