After 8 years on Weekend Philler, the savvy viewer is well aware I have a special place in my heart for my South Jersey home. I love telling stories about little places and things we hold dear. When I first covered Collingswood Porchfest in Season 2, it was definitely one of those hidden gems.

Flash forward four or five years, it’s bigger, better and more bad ass than ever and one of the coolest things to do every fall in South Jersey. Porchfest has grown to 140 bands on over 100 porches. If the interest in the piece we shot for Weekend Philler is any indication, the interest in this festival by residents, for residents, might get even bigger next year.

For my part, I only wish I had time to get to more acts. Like my friend Kevin Monko, organizer and performer from Porchfest says, it’s best to grab a bike as it’s spread all over town. Next year I am all about that idea!

Thanks to everyone that helped me cover this day, especially Kevin Monko and John Shaugnessy who put this on my radar back in the day and always help me with footage. I’m already planning a much more comprehensive plan to get more from this day as it’s really, really a one of a kind, even in the “porchfest” circuit. It’s bigger, better and just really well organized with, literally, a porch for everyone.

By: Tony Romeo / Weekend Philler Producer/Host
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