PXV Art Mag is a Phoenixville based art magazine designed to spotlight local artists, and help them connect with each other and opportunities in the area.

Founder, Emily Mullet started the magazine as a way for local artists to show off their work, but recently the magazine has been updated to include many important resources for artists in Phoenixville and Chester County. We caught up with her to discuss the launch of their fourth issue with the theme of “home”.

“There is a lot of Phoenixville pride and everyone who lives here loves Phoenixville” Emily tells us, which is why she felt the theme of “home” was perfect.

In issue no. 4 of PXV Art Mag, Emily established the “Connect” section which is made up of three parts: learn, collect, and participate. The “learn” section includes information about local art classes, and the “collect” section allows readers to find places to purchase local art. Finally, the participate section informs artists about any opportunities to share their artwork.

To learn more about PXV Art Mag visit their website and their Instagram.