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Franny Lou’s Porch in East Kensington is a cafe and community space for marginalized communities.

We spoke to Tribe Leader and Founder Blew Kind, who says that their goal is to create more dialogue and human connection between communities because we are all much more similar than we realize.

Franny Lou’s Porch is named after two influential black women from the Civil Rights Movement. Frances E. W. Harper was a 19th-century poet, lecturer, and mother. Fannie Lou Hamer was a 20th-century civil rights activist and mother. Hamer was also forcibly sterilized but used this injustice to adopt children. While they lived in different centuries, Kind believes that they would be friends if they had been from the same time.

Franny Lou’s labels itself a “conflict-free” bakery, filling their mugs and pastry cabinets with goodies that are fair-trade and made with love. In addition to this, they also have a retail section full of local makers and an art display that rotates every few months. The space is also available for event rentals.

Be sure to check out Franny Lou’s Porch in East Kensington, and to learn more check out their website, Instagram, and Facebook page.

By: Holly Huepfel
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