I knew Steve the Legacy was a keen entrepreneur the minute I met him. Books, public speaking, inventions and his latest endeavor, a game he produced with his daughter called; Dictionary Daddy. While many took the time over pandemic to “Netflix and Chill” as Steve says, he and his daughter brought this wonderful idea to life as a game.

The game was born from Steve being constantly asked the meanings of words by his kids– and since dad always knew the words– they called him “Daddy Google.” The nickname hatched the game and the rest is history.

It was a pleasure meeting Steve in our PHL17 Studios. I really enjoyed his spirit and talking about his growing up in the Olney section of Philadelphia. If you look closely at the video, Steve gave us a classic shot of a Philly neighborhood basketball game, complete with a referee! Like I said, dude has been an entrepreneur from jump! Thanks for being on Weekend Philler.


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