Philabundance has launched a new meal kit program to help provide families in need with healthy and nutritious meals during the summer months.

“We know that many of our kids get their breakfast and lunch at school, and so during the summer it ends up being a big meal gap” CEO of Philabundance, Loree Jones explains.

These meal kits are filled with delicious ingredients to cook meals that have been created in the Philabundance kitchen and by other local and celebrity chefs.

“What’s really nice is that our guest chefs come from a lot of different cultural backgrounds, so people get to experience things that they may have never seen before in a more approachable way” Lead Production Chef at Philabundance, Nick Wolber tells us.

Philabundance as an organization, works to fight food insecurity, and has made providing food fun by allowing families to cook all of these pre-prepped ingredients together! They aim to distribute 125,000 meals over two months at twenty different locations across the region.

For more information and to find a distribution center near you, visit