Tammy Peters is a 30 year fitness professional that has opened the gym that she always dreamed of in the form of Perfect Fitness. It’s located in Voorhees, NJ and my first takeaway was that the gym is beautiful. It’s an inviting space to walk into with lots of natural light in the lobby. As Tammy gave me the tour of Perfect Fitness, the next thing I noticed is that it’s the cleanest gym I have ever been to.

As we got into the offerings of Perfect Fitness, there is literally something for everyone, any age, for both mind and body. Tons of group fitness classes from the high impact boxing and kick boxing variety, to the soothing Pilates or Yoga in front of a 10 foot high Himalayan salt wall to name a few.

A real differentiator however is the golf simulator! For someone like myself with the curiosity for golf but not necessarily the time or the patience, it’s the perfect mix of Play Station meeting the real thing. It’s got real courses, real clubs and real data that will help your real golf game.

On the day we filmed I stopped by for a smoothie and was very impressed with all the other offerings as well. Especially the breakfast I had on the weekend. For someone like me that doesn’t eat sugar I was excited when Kim reminded me that literally nothing she makes has any added sugar.

Thanks for being on Weekend Philler, Perfect!

By: Tony Romeo / Weekend Philler Producer/Host
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