My favorite part about the PDKNINE story this week was how it came to us. I got an email from owner Joe Sabatino who, to paraphrase, said something like, “I watch Weekend Philler all the time and I really think we would be a good story!” And then he gave me several reasons why he thought that.

That my friends, is the perfect way to pitch a story to local TV!

Also, turns out Joe was absolutely right. PDKNINE is exactly the kind of story we love on Weekend Philler. Not just because we love Games, Collectibles, Nerd Stuff, PDKNINE is all of that, but the real magic in the shop is how passionately Joe and Janine talk about what they have created and how much they love it.

It was a true pleasure shooting at PDKNINE, which, since I am sure you are wondering, takes its name from a deep cut from Jurassic Park. If you love games, need a place to play games, people to play games with and/or collectibles, please check them out in Mt Laurel, NJ and tell them Weekend Philler sent ya!

By: Tony Romeo / Weekend Philler Producer/Host
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