Jeff Vasser has been on Weekend Philler a few times over the years and like myself, he is a huge fan of all things NJ! This year he and his team at NJ Tourism, where Jeff is Executive Director are reminding our friends in PA, DE, and NY… all the great things that NJ has to offer. We all think of the NJ shore towns when it comes time to travel, but there’s a lot of great spots that don’t get as much pub, and that’s what the “Little State, Lotta WOW” campaign is all about.

One of my favorites we talk about in the spot, is the Anthony Bourdain Food Trail. Some of the best places you can eat in the state and if you follow the trail, it takes you through great places all over the states, urban areas, rural and everything in between. That’s what is so great about NJ… large and small we’ve got a ton to offer. Not many states you can ski and surf same state, let alone the same day!

By: Tony Romeo / Weekend Philler Producer/Host
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