Mystical Blossoms is a great spot any time of year, but during the Halloween Spooky season, they really double down on seasonal offerings. Co-owners and sisters Jody and Michaline decorate the store with all the cuteness that you’d expect for Halloween time in downtown Medford, NJ, but it goes much deeper than black cats and skeletons.

“The fall season is traditionally I time of spiritual cleansing, literally that’s where we get the imagery of the witches broom,” Jody reminded me.

And so much of what Mystical Blossoms offers in the fall is just that. Products that help you cleanse your mind and body and spirit from the heaviness. They were kind enough to give me a mist spray that wards off bad energy and low vibrations. I put it in my car!

Unfortunately it looks JUST like the spray I clean my glasses with, so I have been using it incorrectly ever since. But hey– I haven’t SEEN any demons, so I think it’s working just the same, haha.

It’s always a pleasure hanging out with these two good witches, please check them out in Medford.

By: Tony Romeo / Weekend Philler Producer/Host
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