For most of my life, the “Broad Street Bullies” have been some of the most storied and celebrated athletes to ever play in out city. So when I learned about Zak Kindrachuk’s “My Dad Used to Play Hockey” Podcast, I literally could not get to the story fast enough. Zak is a huge hockey fan, historian and a really great story teller. With the help of his Flyers father, Orest Kindrachuk he’s getting Flyers greats to come on his podcast and relive the glory days of the 70s, 80s, 90s and 00s Flyers teams.

For me it’s the 70s guys that are the best because they are an era we will never see the likes of again. Plus they won two Stanley Cups and have literally never left the Philadelphia sports conversation since. They are beloved today as they were when they hoisted the Cups. But it’s not just the 70s and it’s not just the Flyers, Zak is booking and continues to book all the names that make this a hockey nerd “must see/hear” podcast.

Zak has had many great guests on the podcasts, one of my favorites and his, was Willie O’ree, below.

I met up with Zak and we recorded this segment at the Pic-a-Lilli which is one of my favorite places in NJ. Since my father is also a huge Flyers fan, (season ticket holder in the Broad Street Bully Era), he came along to meet Zak and Orest or “O” as his friends at the Pic call him. After the shoot we sat for some wings and beer and it’s truly a day I will never forget. Orest is a great story teller and you see where Zak gets it. For every Flyers story you think you know, there’s always a little more context when you get it from the source. And really that’s what this podcast is and why it’s so great.

Tony Romeo Sr. and Orest Kindrachuk at the Pic-a-Lilli after the Weekend Philler shoot, Fall 2022.

By: Tony Romeo / Weekend Philler Producer/Host
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