Each year, Morristown hosts a fall festival called ‘Morristown Festival on the Green.’ This event includes live music, carnival games, face painting, coloring tables, food stands, and much more. “There is something for everyone”, Morristown Partnership’s Karen Roettger exclaims. And of course, the turnout is incredible! “We get about 50,000 people walking through town,” Karen continues, “People mark their calendars for this [event] well in advance.”

In 2021, Morris County Commissioners donated $100,000 from the American Rescue Plan Act not only to keep this event going, but also to support small businesses in Morris County that were affected during the pandemic. “There’s so many of our small businesses that are so crucial to Morris County that are here,” Morris County Commissioner Stephen Shaw says, “And we recognize that.”

The festival brings the community together, while highlighting the history and virtue of Morristown. “This festival shows the wonders of our community,” Craig Schlosser of the Morris County Tourism Bureau beams.

For more information about Morristown’s Festival on the Green, visit www.morristourism.org.