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Mission Teens in Norma, NJ is a unique treatment option in the fight against addiction. First, it’s faith based which many of those involved, including Director Taylor Box, feel is key to their success. When I asked Taylor what he needs most from the people that will watch this story on Weekend Philler he replied;

“Pray for us.”

And he meant it very sincerely.

Secondly, Mission Teens is also a program within a program. As participants achieve a certain level of sobriety, they are also offered the opportunity to take positions within the Mission Teens to help others in recovery. In fact, Mission Teens is 100% from top to bottom a program that is staffed by individuals in recovery. Some years, some decades but counseling and support from former addicts also gives Mission a soul that differs from traditional treatment centers.

And last but not least, Mission Teens is 100% free. With 21 beds in Norma, NJ and 800 nation wide they provide help to those in need, free of charge. It’s not easy as it’s an expensive endeavor, but with charity and good will, sober alumni willing to pay it forward and prayer, they make it happen.

I feel addiction is a problem that no family is immune to. Mine is no different in that regard and I found my time with the folks at Mission Teens both powerful and profound. I left hopeful. I wish all the men and women I met nothing but continued success and for those still in the fight, as Taylor asked, you are most certainly in my prayers

By: Tony Romeo / Weekend Philler Producer/Host
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