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If you’ve spent any time in Philly, chances are you’ve come across MilkBoy. Whether you know them for their music studio MilkBoy the Studio, their bar and music venue in Center City, or even MilkBoy South Street, there is much more to MilkBoy then you may know! In this segment we’re taking a deep dive into all aspects of the popular Philly brand.

You may know MilkBoy from their bars, restaurants, and music venue in Philly – but did you know that they also have a state-of-the-art music studio MilkBoy the Studio that has hosted tons of extremely successful musicians and producers? We’re learning all about their studio in this segment!

Check out MilkBoy on their website, Facebook, and Instagram! Also, check out MilkBoy South Street’s Facebook and Instagram – and finally, check out MilkBoy The Studio on Facebook and Instagram!