Why did the two chickens, 200 cats, 10 dogs, a cockatoo, and Benny, the baby goat, cross the road? To visit the rest of their friends at Funny Farm!

“Whether they’re like animals or not, everybody needs a friend,” says Laurie Zaleski, owner and founder of the Funny Farm in Mays Landing, NJ.

The Funny Farm is an animal rescue and sanctuary focused on kindness. There is no bullying at the Funny Farm, and Laurie occasionally takes her stories from the farm into local schools to promote anti-bullying efforts.

Laurie grew up in an environment surrounded by so many different kinds of animals, she knew that animals of any species could get along as long as kindness is enforced. One example of this is the “odd couple”; Emily the emu and Airplane the goose. Airplane looks up to Emily as his protector, given that she is so much larger than him, but their sizes don’t stop them from loving and caring for each other. The same is true for so many other pals at the Funny Farm.

Laurie’s goal to create a healthy and friendly environment for rescue animals is rooted in her harrowing upbringing during which her mother escaped from an abusive marriage and began to rescue animals in need by welcoming them into their home.

Laurie honors her late mother with “Annie’s Wagon,” a memorial landmark that sits at the entrance of the Funny Farm in Mays Landing.

For more information on how you can visit and support the Funny Farm, visit FunnyFarmRescue.org!