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Mad Rex Restaurant and Virtual Reality Lounge is committed to providing their customers, or as they like to call them, “survivors”, a fully immersive post-apocalyptic experience.

Located in Fishtown, Mad Rex was conceptualized by a pair of guys who were obsessed with movies like “Mad Max” and “The Book of Eli”. However, Mad Rex takes a more positive spin on the post-apocalyptic theme – everyone who walks into Mad Rex has survived the apocalypse, and now it’s time to party.

Mad Rex is a high-end steakhouse with meat so fresh that they can trace their steaks back to the cow that they came from. They are fully committed to having the highest quality ingredients available to their customers, not only in their food menu but also in their bar menu. Each dish and cocktail is crafted creatively with their post-apocalyptic theme in mind.

“REX” stands for Restaurant, Entertainment, eXperience, and the staff ensures that survivors get the experience from the second that they walk through the doors to when they get their desserts. They are the only post-apocalyptic themed restaurant with virtual reality technology in the world. They have three virtual reality experiences, from their Oculus Go located in their virtual reality chamber, the VIVE which is a bit more interactive, and the HD Multi-Sport, which is perfect for groups.

If you’re in the market for the next best place to throw your party or business gathering, look no further than Mad Rex!

Mad Rex’s signature dish is their Lava Rock Dining Experience, where survivors prepare their own protein on a steaming hot lava rock. Below, General Manager Paul demonstrates how the lava rock dining is done.

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