Local playwright creates Broadway-bound horror musical: “Banshee”

Weekend Philler

Calling all horror fans! A new horror musical is on the horizon.

Montgomery County native Macah Coates is the creator of Banshee: An Appalachian Horror Musical. Based during the West Virginia Coal Wars (around 1920), Banshee is a bone-chilling tale of family and revenge.

The inspiration from Banshee came from Coates’ own family history. Her family is from West Virginia and several ancestors worked and sacrificed their lives in the mines. She hopes to shine a light on this part of the world and this period of time, but most of all, she wants to thrill her audience.

Scored with ominous bluegrass and a cappella numbers inspired by old Appalachian songs, Banshee is unlike any musical on the big stage today. Coates wants Banshee to change the way that people view theater.

The music accompanying this Weekend Philler segment is from the Banshee soundtrack! Listen to more of the music and learn more about the musical here.

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