Nick St. Clair is an artist from Cherry Hill New Jersey who is diagnosed with autism. He is best known for his “autism posters” which include the logo of an organization, business, sports team, etc. surrounded by the signature puzzle pieces to promote autism awareness. Each poster is hand drawn and colored in with the brand’s corresponding colors using Sharpie markers.

The Philadelphia Mummers Series of Autism is a collection of 16 autism posters, one for each of the Mummers String Bands. It was on display at the Monroe Township Library in Williamstown New Jersey this past December (2021). This collection is just the latest addition to Nick’s extensive portfolio joining the World Series of Autism which includes 30 posters, one for each baseball team in the MLB, and many many others.

Nick has drawn an autism poster for just about every sports team in the country and he continues to create his pieces for various businesses and organizations in the Delaware Valley.

His art can often be found on display in libraries throughout South Jersey. He says he hopes these displays inspire others living with autism to advocate for themselves by embracing their own passion projects.

To learn more about Nick visit or visit his Facebook page here.