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Lincoln Mill Haunted House is Philly’s newest haunted attraction, and it sits just above the Schuylkill River in the heart of Manayunk.

The legend surrounding the haunting goes as follows:

When Hurricane Ida struck in 2021 it flooded this old mill to historic water levels. When the construction crews came in to repair the damage, they discovered a hidden chamber under the basement level with countless dead bodies underneath. It was determined that the previous owner of the mill, Viktor Kane, was tormenting and experimenting on his workers in the 1930s. Their spirits still roam the halls to this day.

Co-owners Brian Corcodilos and Jared Bilsak have experience when it comes to executing a haunted attraction. The two were fraternity brothers in college, and their annual fundraiser was a haunted house to raise money for The Children’s Hospital in Philadelphia. Corcodilos and Bilsak will continue that tradition at Lincoln Mill, as $1 from each ticket sold will benefit the same organization.

The Lincoln Mill experience will begin with a pre-show including scare actors in the parking lot and a blow up screen playing footage of the haunt. Once inside, visitors will experience over 40 scare actors in the midst of various set designs featuring props and animatronics, dark hallways, eerie music, fog, strobes, and special effects that are sure to keep you on your toes.

Lincoln Mill Haunted House is opened Thursday through Saturday until November 5th (2022) with a special day time scavenger hunt for kids on Saturdays from 12pm – 4pm. Visit for ticketing information. Also, check out their Instagram to stay informed about any events that may take place throughout the rest of the year.