Audubon, New Jersey is bustling with new small businesses. In the heart of it is a black, queer, and woman-owned restaurant called LesbiVeggies. This restaurant’s fully vegan and gluten-free menu takes plant-based ingredients to the next level.

“I kind of just learned [through] trial and error,” owner and executive chef Brennah Lambert explains, “I never went to school for cooking. I kind of just was forced to because I went vegan and there wasn’t a lot of options.” Thus, LesbiVeggies was born!

The brunch and dinner menus include different plant-based cuisines that are packed with flavor. If you’re craving Lemon Poppyseed Pancakes during the day or the Eggplant Terrine at night, LesbiVeggies has got you covered.

The light R&B music that plays in the restaurant adds a tranquil, and almost nostalgic, vibe to the dining experience.

“For me personally, the most important thing when I go out to eat is how I feel while I’m sitting down. So, I kind of just wanted to put a little piece of myself into, you know, the environment” Brennah tells us.

If you are interested in learning more about what LesbiVeggies has to offer, please visit