Captain William Plenty and I go way back. I’ve seen his career evolve in Lawnside, NJ over the years and I can’t speak enough how much his community means to him. This week, back to school week in Lawnside, the Police and Fire Departments in conjunction with the State of NJ Office of Resiliency and dozens of local resident volunteers, got together to ease the burden of back to school for parents. On a beautiful Saturday they handed out school supplies, provided breakfast and lunch and best of all free haircuts!

The haircuts could not have been possible with out 4 barbers from local shops that gave an entire day of services free of charge. Shout out to Clifford Still Jr, Qaadir Wicks, Vincent Ruffin and Gina Brydie for both their time and their positive messages.

Lawnside, NJ is very close to my South Jersey home and for years it was my carpool meeting spot. Every morning for about 8 years I’d meet the residents as we all got our coffee. That has kept this community on my radar ever since and this event is just one example of the kind of events I see put on, especially by the Police and Fire departments throughout the year.

By: Tony Romeo / Weekend Philler Producer/Host
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